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The difference is insulation. Three season rooms provide a barrier between you and the weather, but there is no insulation, no temperature control. An extended Season Sunroom has insulation protecting you from the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter so you can comfortably relax in the sunroom all year round.
All of our Sunspace sunrooms are customized, and there are many options from which to choose. In addition to the size of the room, which dictates cost based on the amount of materials needed, you have choices of materials for walls, frames, windows, doors and roofs.
Both options provide a beautiful aesthetic that is easy to use. The vertical 4-track or horizontal slider windows are manufactured by Sunspace, known for reliability, functionality and being cost-effective. The choice is based on personal preference and also by the size of the windows.

The crew at Kiser & Sons Construction Inc., DBA Central Maryland Sunrooms, performs the installation of your Sunspace sunrooms, WeatherMaster Windows and Doors, decking and railings for projects within our service area. We have provided reputable construction and installation services since 1975, and you can be sure a member of our family owned and operated company is always on the premises throughout the installation of your project. If you choose to Do-It-Yourself or have your personal contractor perform the installation, follow the specific instructions provided by Sunspace and view our instructional videos here to ensure proper installation and avoid a voided warranty.